A picture tells a thousand words

Today is the first day of our project mapping the impact of library closures in South Gloucestershire. The aim of this is to clearly highlight the impact of the proposed cuts in a way that consultation documents full of tables cannot.

Over the next weeks we will be releasing a fully interactive set of maps based on a full year of library borrowing data requested under Freedom of Information to highlight the impact of library cuts at the level of wards, constituencies and parishes. We hope that this will lead to a clear conversation with our elected representatives at all levels of government during the consultation.

To whet your appetites, here is a non-interactive view of the libraries that are currently under threat of full or partial closure, excluding the Mobile Library.

Libraries under threat marked in yellow.

Libraries under threat marked in yellow.

As can be seen clearly, a huge area of central South Gloucestershire is going to be severely disadvantaged. We are looking forward to releasing the full set of maps with our analysis in the coming weeks.