Monthly Archives: November 2016

Spin from Hanham Parish Council

In the Hanham Parish newsletter “Hanham Outlook” distributed last week, there is a large article describing the cuts/changes to library staffing and opening hours at Hanham Library. The article suggests that while there is a 37% cut, the service service is actually improving due to the automated system being introduced. We strongly disagree with this position, and have discussed this at length previously.

The newsletter adds a clever piece of misdirection to the article, by placing the banner image from this group’s site underneath it, suggesting that this outcome is something to do with our campaign – it does not. The tag line adds a classic piece of plausible deniability: “Members of the public having a say on the library proposals outside Hanham Library”.

Local disinformation.

Local disinformation.

It is hard not to interpret this as spin by the Parish Council. We strongly disagree with the outcome of the consultation, and will continue to fight the result in any way that we can, to prevent further degradation of the service. We are deeply disappointed that our representatives are resorting to such tactics.