Code of Conduct

We believe that in order to Save Hanham Library we must act as a single unified community, speaking with many voices. Discussions will occasionally stray into debate – this is to be encouraged; we must be mature about it. We cannot afford to exclude people who share our concerns around the library and are able to help. There are other forums for the discussion of wider issues.

To that end we are putting in a Code of Conduct that we request that everyone in the group play by in order to ensure good will within the wider community. Please:

  1. No name-calling; personal or party-affiliated. Please be civil to others.
  2. No pestering our elected representatives, or any other people who we are asking to help, on weekends unless invited to (i.e via clinics or similar).
  3. We are a group with a single policy objective, in order to keep focus please do not use this group as a platform for promoting any wider political policy, ideology or doctrine.

Thank you.