How can I help?

Contact your local South Gloucestershire, Hanham Parish and Hanham Abbots Parish councillors, as well as your local MP, Mr Chris Skidmore. Let them know how you feel about this issue. They are our democratically elected representatives, and have a responsibility to act in the best interests of their constituency – us! Please be respectful of their private space (i.e. do not call them late in the evening) and make sure that you work within our Code of Conduct.

Respond to the South Gloucestershire Council consultation on the future of the library service. We are currently in the process of digesting the consultation documents, and will be regularly blogging about our views on the consultation proposals. This is by far the most important way to participate in the process. There is a form of postcard response doing the rounds – this is not considered a full response for consultation purposes.

Speak to older residents about the proposed downgrade in service. We need lots of help in reaching out to them to let them know what is going on, as they often do not have access to the internet and may not even know of the proposed Hanham Library cuts! We are looking for people who were involved in getting a library in the first place for interview – if you know someone like this who would be willing to help, please let us know!

Talk to your neighbours – very few people think getting rid of our library services is a good idea. In fact, it’s the most popular and highly regarded service provided by the Council!

Sign our petition to South Gloucestershire council. This will likely feature as one paragraph in the final 100 page document for their consideration, but it is a live measure of the strength public feeling.

Join in our activities – we are regularly arranging community events, meetings with the various councils and other events. We coordinate these events through our Facebook group. Any help is hugely appreciated! This is our library, and the way we are going to keep it open is by all working together! Handing out flyers, baking cakes, anything you can think of… We are gaining momentum, but we need your assistance to make this even bigger.

Get your kids involved! We are running a campaign as @saveHanhamLib on Vine (like Twitter or Instagram, but for 7 second videos) where we want to let the world know why we love our library so much. All you need is a Twitter account and the Vine app for your iPhone/Android. Record one sentence “I love Hanham Library because…” and use the hashtags #loveMyLibrary and #hanhamLibrary; let us know by tweeting to @saveHanhamLib.

Contact celebrities, folks in the media, dye your dog with a slogan (OK, maybe that’s going a bit too far…).

Had you worried there buddy...

Had you worried there buddy…

The more love we get, the greater the chance of keeping our library. It took 32 years to build – let’s not let one budget cycle take it away from our community forever!